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Beauty Is From The Inside Out
Discover Your Inner Beauty


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Look at the above two phrases. The top phase contains a negative thought that many believe and accept as their particular personal truth.  The phrase directly underneath it, contains an especially chosen positive Thought For The Day selected Daily just for you or for the category you’re viewing. This positive thought is designed primarily for you to meditate on throughout the day. Each day when you click on this website, you’ll receive a new and different Thought For The Day to help you make positive changes in your life... Why not make this website your HOMEPAGE, and that way you’ll never miss your New Thought for each Day.







When you first read your New Positive Thought for Today, and you Think About your new inspiring Life Changing Words for this day, it's important that you close your eyes, yes rest your mind and repeat your uplifting daily thought quietly 10 times.  Then repeat your new life changing words again, and again, several times during the day, especially when negative thoughts and destructive words enter your mind.  Always immediately replace a negative thought with your new more powerful, uplifting positive words to live by.  Positive uplifting thoughts give you more power, more energy, and more joy.  As you change your internal thoughts by practicing your new way of thinking, your life will soon begin to change.  Your new uplifting thoughts, yes the precious life changing words that you say to yourself, can stimulate you to positive rewarding action, and give you the boost you need to keep going and even thrive in spite of life’s challenges.  Your new way of thinking will change you from the inside out, not from the outside in.  The better you think, the more power you’ll have, the better you’ll feel, and the happier you’ll be.  Remember, Everything That Has Ever Happened In Life, all the Money that’s Ever been Made, all the Successes that have Ever been Achieved, STARTED WITH A SINGLE THOUGHT... Yes Amazing, Wonderful, and Endless Positive Possibilities are Within Your Reach!


So Be Determined to Take The Simple Easy Steps RIGHT NOW… YOU CAN DO IT!  YOU have the POWER… Yes, YOU have the POWER to Live the Life You Really Want To Live!  It’s Easy… Here’s what you do… Today, immediately after you read and repeat your thought for this day, you should focus solely just on the positive words...  Yes, focus just on the healthy thought, not on the steps that it takes to accomplish it...  Remember it’s vital to concentrate only on the end results.  Then quiet your mind.  Let your good thoughts, your beautiful life changing words, flow gently, yes naturally, like a quiet soothing river.  And before you know it, your life will soon be filled with more joy, and even more happiness and contentment then you ever thought possible.  Isn’t That What You Really Want? ... So Without Delay - Let Your New Journey Begin!


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